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We are connecting India and Germany for more than 6 years with a variety of services to the students and employers.  Our services are specially designed to Indians; most important fact is that we will be able to communicate with the candidates in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and of course in English. We create a homely atmosphere to the candidates by our presence and active participation in A-Z services. We know very well about the necessary services needed for a new comer to Berlin and will act accordingly.  We will be accompanying the candidates to various Govt. offices and get things done for them.  The long experience in this field helps us to get things done with a high class of professionalism.  You can find the details below:

  • Accommodation assistance (Individual furnished or unfurnished are available)
  • Pick up from airport
  • Introduction to Institute/company
  • Opening the bank accounts
  • Bürgeramt  Anmeldung – Residence & tax ID registration
  • Introduction to city and main places
  • Sim Card on Arrival   
  • Documentation preparation for Visa Extension
  • Personal Assistance at Ausländerbehörde – Visa Extension.
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